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51190 OGER

Fleur de Chardonnay


Etiquette de champagne Fleur de Chardonnay
Etiquette de champagne Cuvée Réserve

Champagne Rosé

Etiquette de champagne Rosé
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Cuvée Prestige

Cuvée Réserve






prestigIOUS millEsimE

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A representative cuvée from the family farm and the Oger terroir, which follows the family history of the house thanks to the presence of reserve wines that make up the blend for about 50%.

This wine is meant to be convivial, delicate, with lightness so that you can transmit the same pleasure every moment.

It is therefore a festive wine, ideal as an aperitif that we work with a harmonious dosage.

A sharp wine, for which we select precise wines, on the most beautiful terroirs of the vineyard of Oger. A small proportion of reserve wines, about 20%, come to support the wines of the vintage and bring complexity.

This wine is refined, complex, with tension in order to show you the full potential of the wines of the house.

It is therefore a demanding wine, which benefits from a long and delicate aging and that we work with an extra-gross dosage.

Champagne Rosé

A vintage where we select the chardonnays that compose it for their fruity, their sweetness, their airy greed, to which we add a very controlled proportions of Pinot Noir vinified in red, to come sublimate the character of the Chardonnays.

This cuvée is greedy, fruity with a lot of sweetness, to offer you a different vision of the wines of the house.

It is a wine that allows a lot of originality in cooking and that we work with a generous dosage but without excess.

An exceptional wine, confidential, which is produced only the best years, from the best wine that makes up the vintage. Exclusively from the historic heart of the Oger terroir, the wine that composes it must have a lot of size, power and aging potential.

This is a wine for lovers of great wines, which can still largely stay in the quiet of a cellar and reveal other secrets in several years.

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération


How to store it?

In general, wines, and champagne in particular, do not like light and temperature differences. If you have a cellar, it's ideal. Otherwise, choose a dark place, slightly heated.

Leave the bottles in their original carton, lying flat. You should know that once marketed, the champagne does not improve over time.

It's better to renew your stock regularly. For the unexpected, you can have a bottle in the fridge, but not too long.

How to taste it?

Finished the use of the cup which was widely used in the 60s. This one, broad and can deep, is no more suitable for a good tasting of champagne. Predispose a glass type "tulip" (illustration opposite), which will maintain the aromas and effervescence of the wine. Be aware that a stemmed glass is held by the foot, which prevents premature heating of the glass.

The right tasting temperature is between 8 and 10 °. A champagne of assembly of year, a little younger, will be tasted fresher, while a vintage, with more complex aromas, will drink at a slightly higher temperature.

Take the time during the tasting. Observe the dress, try to interpret the aromas of the wine, exchange your observations with your entourage. And do not forget that champagne is the wine of conviviality and friendship.

L'abus d'alcool est dangereux pour la santé. A consommer avec modération